Details and Pricing

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Basics About our Kitchen and Equipment Available:
  • 1 Daily Use Community kitchens
  • 100 gallon steam jacket kettle
  • induction burner
  • Full size single convection oven
  • Ample work table space
  •  Liquid bottle fillers – for cold fill, thin liquids only
  •  Labeling machines
  •  3-bin sink
  • Walk-in refrigeration space
  • Access to loading dock

We have a small selection of tools, however we recommend that you bring your own small tools, knives and specialty equipment.

Pricing and Availability

Facilities are available:

Monday through Friday – Day shift:                                  $250/shift,  9:00am to 4:30pm

Monday through Sunday  – Night shift:                             $275/shift,  5:00pm to 12:30am

Saturday and  Sunday  – Day shift:                                      $275/shift,  9:00am to 5:00pm

Dry/Ambient storage                                                              starting at $75/month per pallet

Cooler storage:                                                                         starting at $200/ month per pallet

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One Response to “Details and Pricing”
  1. Emma Corner says:

    We are interested in renting kitchen space from you. Do you have availability? Also, would it be possible to leave our juicing equipment at the site? We would have a good nature machine which is 5ft tall. Thanks so much! We look forward to hearing from you, Emma

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