About the Organic Food Incubator

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be the premier specialty US co-packer, dedicated to crafting distinctive and high-quality products with our clients.

Our vision is to empower emerging brands and artisans by providing expert co-packing services that uphold the values of authenticity, innovation, and sustainability. We count our employees as major stakeholders in our company’s future and our clients’ success. Through our commitment to excellence and personalized partnerships, we aim to contribute significantly to the success and growth of our clients and the communities we serve.

Our History and Evolution

The Organic Food Incubator in Bloomfield, New Jersey, has a history that highlights its role in supporting organic and conventional food startups and fostering innovation in the food industry.

The Organic Food Incubator (OFI) was founded in 2009 by Mike Brady and Michael Schwartz. The idea stemmed from Mike Schwartz’s passion for organic and sustainable food practices, Mike Brady’s goal of social responsibility and their desire to create a space (ecosystem) where food entrepreneurs could bring their ideas to life.

Mike Schwartz’s many years of experience working as a chef at some of the world’s finest restaurants, including Le Cirque and Osteria del Circo amongst others, established his culinary bona fides. Prior to starting the OFI, he taught culinary arts for twelve years at the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE) in New York City.

OFI’s journey began with humble beginnings in a small facility in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan. The business began as the brand BAO Food and Beverages which made premium Kombucha and fermented products. The business expanded to a large commercial food manufacturing facility in Queens where the OFI provided rental kitchen space and expertise to aspiring startups. As the demand for organic and natural products grew, so did the need for facilities like OFI that could help new business entrepreneurs navigate the complex processes of regulation and safe food production.

Over the years, OFI expanded its operations and moved to a larger facility in Bloomfield New Jersey to accommodate the growing number of clients and the increasing complexity of their production needs.

The key aspects of OFI’s history are its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices and goal of providing a healthy work environment that offers the employees a living wage and the opportunity for growth and advancement From the beginning, OFI has prioritized using organic ingredients where possible and practical, minimizing waste, and implementing energy-efficient technologies in its operations. This dedication to sustainability has not only aligned with the values of its clients but has also positioned OFI as a leader in environmentally conscious food production.

OFI’s success and reputation have been built on its collaborative approach to working with clients. The OFI provides not just a manufacturing space for production but also offers guidance, mentorship, and resources to help entrepreneurs succeed. This supportive ecosystem has led to the growth and success of numerous food brands that have emerged from OFI’s incubation program.

In recent years, OFI has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of the food industry. It has expanded its services to include co-packing, private labeling , logistics and product development support-catering to a diverse range of clients from small startups to established brands looking to enter new markets.

The Organic Food Incubator in Bloomfield, NJ, has played a pivotal role in nurturing food innovation, promoting sustainability, and empowering food entrepreneurs to bring their visions to fruition. Its history is a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and dedication to making a positive impact on the food industry and the planet.

At Organic Food Incubator, we’re dedicated to helping your business thrive in the competitive CPG landscape. Connect with us to see how we can transform your ideas into successful market realities.

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