Who We Are

About the Organic Food Incubator

Mission and Vision Our mission is to be the premier specialty US co-packer, dedicated to crafting distinctive and high-quality products with our clients. Our vision is to empower emerging brands and artisans by providing expert co-packing services that uphold the values of authenticity, innovation, and sustainability. We count our employees as major stakeholders in our company’s future and our clients’ success. Through our commitment to excellence and personalized partnerships, we aim to contribute significantly to the success and growth of our clients and the communities we serve.

Building Community

OFI’s Bloomfield New Jersey home is in a mixed use, primarily residential neighborhood about ten miles west of New York City. We have many relationships in the surrounding communities, business and personal, that we enjoy and bring purpose to our daily lives. The two that we are most proud of are the Deron School in Montclair New Jersey and Westside High School in Newark New Jersey. We elevate each other when we collaborate.

Meet The Team

Employee of the Month - June 2024 Robert Llopis Background and Experience Worked at some prestigious locations in NYC. Started my career at the Original Le Cirque for Sirio Maccioni , went on to open Osteria del Circo, their Italian spin off of Le Cirque. Went on to join the St. Regis Hotel as the Food and Beverage Purchasing Manager. As well as assisted Chef Christian Delouvrier of Lespinasse and their purchasing program.