The OFI Community

The OFI Community is a combination of resident businesses and  micro businesses (daily clients) within our facility in Long Island City.

We encourage you to support them in stores, local markets and social media.



A&B American Hot Sauce


Alchemy Creamery  – Alchemy Creamery is a blend of non-dairy ice creams that play on the mystical elements of food and imagination.  We add hand-selected fruits, vegetables & teas to our coconut milk bases, daring to explore all that ice cream can be.  Alchemy Creamery aims to be a sensory experience and adventure in the edible.

American Juice Company

Anima Mundi Apothecary

BAO Food and Drink –  By using the 7000 year old art of fermentation, we instill all our products with probiotics (living bacteria) proven to aid in digestion.  Probiotic means “for life” and that’s what we give our beverages and our customers.

Bare Tea

Cham Cold Brewed Tea

Chef V

The Chili Lab

Cup and Compass

Da Rosario Organics – Organic Truffle products

Don Chai


Fig Fields

Free Bread – gluten free bread, rolls, croutons

Hella Bitter

Jordan Brenner’s Sauce and Spice Company

King Kava

Kopi Trading Company


Limation – Created by Crude Food chef, Charmaine DaCosta, Limation Limeade brand is home of the best tasting, freshest, all natural limeade you have ever had.  Our Limeades come in 3 delicious flavors, Original (Lime), Lavender and Passion Fruit. Taste and see…it’s about lime!

Loliware – “LOLIWARE are edible cups designed to complement a variety of beverages. While you’re sipping your drink, you can eat your cup, and any remnants can be composted.  Put down the plastic and enjoy the future of sustainability: 100% Biodegr(edible)!”

Love Grace Foods – fresh pressed juice elixirs


Lyrika Olive Oil – certified organic extra virgin Greek olive oil

MamaBare – Our mission is to help moms everywhere live healthier and happier lives, from creating wholesome, natural, trustworthy foods for pregnant, nursing and busy moms to matching mothers-in-need across the world with essential resources they need to keep them healthy and strong.    We proudly work with the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, a non-profit organization that champions healthy motherhood around the world and the effect it has on women’s bodies, on their families and on their communities.


Mixed Made

Nyrture –

The Picky Pig – Welcome to The Picky Pig! TANGY! SPICY! SMOKY! SWEET! The Picky Pig Barbecue Sauce and Barbecue Rub are our original, signature products. We like to keep it simple so just buy ’em and try ’em! Give us your thoughts and we will make more awesome products for you to enjoy. We have predesigned some purchase selections for your convenience. Feel free to make your own selections for products and quantities. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF 6 JARS OR MORE!

The Poseiden Group – “The Poseidon Group is a producer and importer of premium Greek products.  We currently produce two organic extra virgin olive oils and five raw honeys from various regions within Greece.  We focus on partnering with local producers utilizing sustainable agriculture methodologies.”

Pura Frut

Simply Gum

Clean Drinking – Clean Drinking was created by a health and fitness fanatic as a fresh, hand-pressed cocktail mixer. This all-natural, low-calorie elixir is the perfect alternative to wine: it metabolizes cleanly, tastes incredible and contains less than 50 calories a serving. We never add sugar, agave or other sweeteners; not ever. Cheers to clean drinking.

Wandering Bear Cold Brewed Coffee





They are a great group of businesses and we are sure you will love their products!



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  1. I am interested in speaking with someone about space for gluten free baking.

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