The OFI Community

The OFI serves a combination of resident businesses and micro businesses (daily clients) within our facility in Bloomfield, New Jersey. This businesses make up our community- a community that is always happy to expand!

We encourage you to support our small business partners in stores, local markets and social media. Here they are in their own words:

Deron School– The OFI has partnered with the Deron School through their Bridge Transition Program, providing students with practical learning opportunities to acquire workplace skills that will serve them well upon graduation. 

Barrier Island Organics – Our Organic Root Cider is made from the freshest 100% certified organic, non-GMO, whole, raw, ingredients we can find. Whether it’s the turmeric and ginger root being flown in fresh from Hawaii, or products available stateside, our commitment to quality is unsurpassed. This special combination of eight ancient roots, vegetables and raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, delivers a spicy full bodied kick that is sure to jump start your day. If you find the Cider to be a bit too spicy, you can add honey or vegetable juice to taste. Due to the fact that our Organic Root Cider is made from fresh, whole organic roots and vegetables year round, the taste may vary slightly from batch to batch.

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel– Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is a celebrated florally sweet,
rich, and complex, hibiscus-spiced, brewed and aged alcohol-free mocktail +
mixer based on a family recipe with an over 400-year Caribbean heritage founded
by Caribbean Brooklyn-nite Nzinga Knight. For happier, healthier, more connected

Daysie– Our organic syrups offer a whole new level of tastes for you to explore. And the stake we take in claiming coffee’s high ground fuels our support for other entrepreneurial women looking to achieve their peak performance too. Because we believe any brand worth following should you somewhere worth the trip. If you’ve got a taste for the perks that come with it, grab a cup and drink up.

Drink Reveal– Hidden Gems is a beverage company that is creating a more sustainable food system by finding creative ways to use the parts of food we commonly throw away. Our mission is to create beautiful, environmentally sage, and socially responsible upcycled products by discovering the hidden value in the food people would normally call trash. Our hope is to reduce good waste, continue to create and support sustainable systems for sustainable living, and inspire everyone to discover the hidden gems in the world around us. 

Hot Graham Sauce Co.– After being gifted 10 superhot pepper plants in 2019, I began experimenting with recipes for sauces, using different types of hot peppers. My small kitchen batches would often be shared with friends and family, and through this supportive crew of of family, neighbors, friends and work colleagues, I took the plunge into the hot sauce business! My focus is on flavor first and adding the heat, and I’ve started at both ends of the spectrum. I truly hope you enjoy my sauces. 

Jardin Infusions–  Enhancing your drinking occasion by creating a hip, fun, and luxurious experience at home or with friends. Our floral infused enhancers are concentrated, yet subtle, and will enhance your beverage with beautiful florals without any artificial ingredients or harsh preservatives. Non-GMO, Natural, Gluten Free, Keto, Organic Ingredients.

Jersey Barnfire– Our mission is simply to make the best tasting, locally produced and sourced food products. Helping to keep local farms and business thriving. We use locally grown produce whenever available. Our sauce enhances the food you eat without covering its flavor. Sweet, Deep, FLAVORFUL Heat! 

Kenetik– In 2018 we started searching for a way to fuel our busy lives. We tried the keto diet and found that ketones gave us the ‘edge’ we were looking for. We absolutely loved the way ketones made us feel and the benefits that came with him, especially the high energy, mental clarity, and potential long-term health benefits. However we quickly learned that the diet was difficult to maintain and available ketone products all had a taste-efficiency trade off. We saw an opportunity to create a great tasting, effective ketone drink! After years of research and experimentation, we finally created it: Kenetik. 

Oswald Chia Smash– Chia Smash is packed with only the real, good stuff, like superfoods, and leaves out the things you don’t want, like added sugar (or sneaky sugar alcohols). It’s not just being a better-for-you or better tasting product though. We deeply care about our bestie, planet earth too, and nurturing that friendship for the long run. We use the ‘imperfect’ but still perfectly delicious fruits and give them a home in our jar. We’re proud to be certified Upcycled and excited about how we can continue to create products that are better in more ways than one. 

Pisqueya– Pisqueya is a celebration of Latin culture and a contribution of my family legacy. This line of all-natural high quality food products is inspired by the gap in Dominican representation within the global food market. The original hot sauce recipe has been passed down for many years through a line of family cooks. The kitchens are bigger these days but I continue to produce in small batches, using only the best ingredients and fair labor practices.  

Rock Grace– A healthy alternative to wine and champagne. No alcohol, no calories, no compromise. Infused with beauty + wellness benefits and crystal energy. Made with good for you ingredients, good vibes + love. 

Senor Lechuga Hot Sauce– Small batch hot sauce born in Brooklyn, New York. Made with HEAT by a husband + wife team. Like high-end mezcal, every batch is similar yet unique in its own way. Every label is marked with its batch and number. And every bottle is #calienteasf**k. 

Spice Grove– Roselle is a bold crisp, spicy hibiscus ginger tea drink handcrafted and bottled locally in New Jersey. Our drink has no preservatives, artificial flavors, coloring, or caffeine, and has a shelf life of 2 years! The recipe was born in our Founder Audrey Powell’s kitchen, inspired by the flavors of her Jamaican roots. After years of serving it to family and friends who could never get enough, she decided to start bottling it for the world to enjoy.

Wandering Bear Cold Brewed Coffee– Much like our personality, our coffee is pretty straightforward. The extra TLC we put in our brewing process and the extra coffee we use in recipes makes our coffee extra strong & surprisingly smooth. And for those staying current, all of our products are “latest-trend-certified” (i.e. Paleo, Keto, vegan, Beyonce-diet, etc.) 

They are a great group of businesses and we are sure you will love their products!