Is It Important To Be Certified Organic Or Kosher?

Be Certified Organic Or Kosher?

Is It Important To Be Certified Organic Or Kosher?

Is it important to be certified organic or kosher? Both of these certifications have benefits but are often costly, so they are not suitable for all products. However, having these certifications may open your product to new markets. 

USDA organic certification means that you have proven that your product is made with ingredients that are grown and processed with approved substances that are USDA verified. The image below outlines what the USDA seal ensures.

Some customers are only interested in organic products or may be willing to pay a premium for organic certification. If you think you will have an increased customer base through organic certification it may be the right choice. However, in many cases, if you provide a high-quality trustworthy product to consumers, organic certification may not be necessary.

This stands true for kosher certification as well. Using the Kof-K emblem, we are able to provide kosher certification for products. Kosher certification can be beneficial if your consumer base sees kosher certification as a priority.

In order to get a better idea of the benefit these certifications may provide to your product, you need to understand your target market. Research your potential target markets and their priorities to see if these certifications are the right choice for you.

If you are interested in gaining a certified organic or kosher certificate for your product please Contact Us Here to help you get your application setup the right way.