Organic certification is a complicated process for many of our clients. At its simplest explanation, it is a method of tracking organic ingredients from the farm to the consumer. If you can visualize that journey for your ingredients and think about every stop along the way, from the farm to the distributor, manufacturer, through to the customer, it makes it easier to think about your organic plan and organic integrity.

There of course are many other details. Organic certification is the only way to show that there is regulation and documentation concerning the types chemicals applied in the field, and in the processing facility that adhere to the National Organic Standards.

For manufacturers, the key to a successful organic plan is good documentation.

For the consumer, the USDA Organic logo is a clear sign that the product and the manufacturer has been reviewed, complies with the NOP standards which include the prohibition of GMOs.

Here is a link to the USDA Organic bog for more information.

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