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Our Food Consulting Service

As more small businesses enter the food and beverage manufacturing industry, their options are constantly growing and changing. Our food consulting and food business coaching services at the Organic Food Incubator provide startups and growing food businesses with the tools to navigate the challenges faced by small manufacturers and restaurants. We bring over 25+ years of teaching and business coaching experience and have worked with over 100+ small manufacturers.

Perfect For Startups

We've helped and guided over 100+ successful food startup companies to get started in the food industry.

perfect for small businesses

If you need management solutions or product development, we'll be there to help you make the best business decisions.

Perfect for restaurants

We have a background in culinary and necessary skills to help you make the transition from your restaurant recipes to store products.

Perfect For Entrepreneurs

We've taught experts and new inspiring entrepreneurs about the concepts, developments, and procedures involved in food business ventures.

Startup Food Consultation

The Startup Food Consultation program is a three-month exercise based on our 10-step plan for early-stage CPG or restaurant companies. It provides startups and food businesses with growth tools to navigate the ongoing challenges faced by small manufacturers and restaurants. We bring over 12 years of teaching and coaching experience and have worked with more than 30 small manufacturers.

Ongoing Food Business Coaching And Management Support

We act as a business partner to provide expertise and a sounding board with brain-to, research-based ser, vices, and business planning.
We provide advice on distributors, brokers, acquisitions, co-packers, product R&D, and food safety best practices. 

Project Based Food Consulting

We have helped many entrepreneurs get their ideas to a economically viable completed project objectives. We’ll create and work on a strategized plan that fits your goals. 

Free Access To Workshops Included

Those who sign up for our Startup Food Consultation program will be granted free access to our workshop training videos. Watch the previews below!

Topics We Cover

With the food industry filled with similar products, what are you doing differently to make your products stand out from the crowd? What is your identity? 

One of the most important research you should do when starting is to find out who your customers are? We’ll discuss this topic in detail. 

Before you can launch your product, it is crucial to have a strategy in place. We will discuss some of the best practices for pre-launch.

It is very beneficial to you and your business to research your competitor’s products or services, how they market them to customers, and the prices they charge.

A Business Model is a company’s plan for making a profit. It identifies the products or services the business plans to sell, its identified target market, and any anticipated expenses.

From the very beginning we will discuss how to plan things out for business and some of the best budgeting strategies. 

The food industry can be very pricey regarding food production processes and ingredient items. So it is necessary to practice cost-effective strategies. Together we will work through some of the expenses and fees that will appear as your business grows. 

Food safety is one of the most important topics we will discuss—knowing how to make your products safe for shelf use can detriment your business. 

One of the constant issues food business face is finding ingredients for their products. Because you have to buy in bulk, your margins and budgets can be significantly affected if you are unaware of some of the pitfalls. We will discuss how to navigate through the complexities of ingredient purchasing.  

Before you can put your product on store shelves, your product labels must pass FDA regulations. We will discuss everything you need for your product labels. 

Our Goal

The goal of our food consulting and food business coaching program is to help you help yourself and learn the ins and outs of manufacturing options. We will help you find the answers you need. We act as a non-stakeholding business partner, offering suggestions and guidance as your company grows. We will help keep you focused, organized, and on track.   Our coaches will open doors that were closed to our own small food business when we started.

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