Here at OFI Courses, we love to educate startups, entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, and all forms of small businesses about the fantastic world of the food industry. You can expect to learn food safety practices, product development tactics, and food production processes. We have two options for how to learn with us- a self-paced course and webinars, which are presented live and recorded so that they can be watched on-demand. In addition, our blog has a wealth of information about food production.

Self-Paced Courses

Once you have a food or beverage recipe that you would like to turn into a product and sell, you need to have your recipe reviewed by a food scientist to get the proper food safety documentation, called a “scheduled process”. This will tell you or your manufacturer how to make your product safe for distribution. To get a scheduled process, you have to complete some very specific tasks and procedures. This course will teach you how to most effectively navigate this process. Full Course


In addition to our online course, we have a series of webinars covering a variety of topics. Subjects include:

Developing Your First Food Or Beverage Business For Long Term Success

Are you a startup, resturant, or entrepreneur that is thinking about creating your own food product? This is the perfect food manufacturing training for you! In this manufacturing workshop we cover all the essentials that you need to get started in the food industry.

You will learn how to turn your recipes into products that you can sell in stores. We’ll also be discussing product testing, labeling, bottling, packaging, profit margins, business management tactics, and so much more!

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Understanding Food Business Licenses, Insurances, And Certifications

In this food manufacturing class, Co-Host Marc Lehmuller, RBL Associates Inc., discusses some of the best strategies and tactics for new and current food businesses.

You will gain valuable knowledge and advice on constructing your business for long-term success. We’ll cover LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, and other business entities.

We also discuss the insurance options that are available for your business. We’ll talk about property, boiler & machinery, commercial general liability, and more.

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Commercial Kitchens For Food Businesses | Everything You Need To Know

Are you thinking about finding a commercial kitchen to produce your product in? If so, there are some important things you need to know before sign anything.

In this food manufacturing workshop we cover everything you need to know about a commercial kitchen. We also discuss the option of producing your product from your home.

You’ll learn how to find a commercial kitchen, insurances, equipment, what questions to ask, red flags in contracts, maintenance, and best commercial kitchen best practices.

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Food Product Development | Recipe Creation And Testing Procedures

Creating your own recipe can be tough, but it’s even more of a challenge when it’s meant for mass production for supermarkets.

In this food manufacturing training we discuss all the steps and tasks that are crucial when developing recipes that will be turned into store products.

You will learn about recipe creation strategies, food safety, shelf stability, scheduled processes, testing procedures, documentations, cooking best practices, and tips & tricks for success.

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Organic Certification Vs Kosher Certification: Everything You Need To Know Before Applying

In this workshop, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about organic certifications and kosher certifications. We’ll discuss the application process, requirements, documents and tricks and tips for success.

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