Launching and Manufacturing

Your Food or Beverage Workshop


  • Mike Schwartz, Mike has 12 years of teaching experience and over 30 years experience in the food service and manufacturing industry. He has taught at NYU and the The Institute of Culinary Education.  Mike owns BAO Food and Drink and the Organic Food Incubator. Through the OFI, he has counseled and advised over 50 small food manufacturers.
  • Steps to Launching and Manufacturing Your Food or Beverage:
  • This 3-hour seminar will review the basic issues regarding the launching of your food product or business.
    •  Concept; definition of your identity, problem, solution
    •  Evaluating and defining your consumer
    •  Understanding your competition; pricing and positioning your product
    •  Your business model; how will you make money
    • Go to market strategy; sales channels, distribution, and marketing
    • Food manufacturing requirements
    •  Good manufacturing practices
    •  Sourcing ingredients
    •  Tour of OFI facility
    •  Explanation of common manufacturing tool

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