Product Development & Coaching

As more small businesses enter the food and beverage manufacturing industry, the options available to us are constantly growing and changing.  Coaching at the Organic Food Incubator provides  startup and growth food business with tools to navigate the ongoing challenges faced by small manufacturers and restaurants.  We bring over 12 years of teaching and coaching experience and have worked with more than 85 small manufacturers.

We will walk you through the challenging but vital company logistics:

  • Budgets
  • Costing
  • Margin
  • Nutritional values and labeling
  • Organic certification and compliance
  • Processing and manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Development of Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Food Safety Counseling
  • Distributor Support
  • Packing requirements
  • Recipe Consulting

In addition, we can help with counseling or plan development for:

The goal of our coaching program is to help you help yourself and learn the ins and outs of manufacturing options. We will help you find the answers you need. We act as a non-stakeholding business partner, offering suggestions and guidance as your company grows. We will help keep you focused, organized and on track. Our coaches will open doors that were closed to our own small food business when we started.

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