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Production Portal


Before production begins:

Our facility is gluten-free, allergen-free, and vegetarian, no meat, poultry, or fish may be used. All ingredients are subject to kosher verification. The OFI reserves the right to require a substitution for any non-kosher items (for example: wine, red wine vinegar, etc)

Once the following items have been submitted, we will book you for the next available date for your production:

  • Deposit of full estimated amount, with Credit Card Authorization, if applicable
  • Insurance document - see details below
  • Completed Purchase Order
  • Completed Packing List
  • Complete purchase order or email detailing the scope of production, SKU's and sizes
  • Signed "Signature Page"
  • No finished product may be removed from OFI until production is complete and your balance is paid in full.
  • We require a credit card on file if you will be using our storage facilities for post-production items.
  • Any delays or repacking caused by missing production items will result in additional charges.
  • COD shipments will NOT be accepted, and damaged shipments will be refused.

I have carefully read and understand the following documents: 

  • Booking Requirements 
  • Fee Schedule 
  • Label Confirmation Sheet 
  • Signature Page 

Please return the following, along with this signed Signature Page: 

OFI cannot guarantee production date on our calendar without these 

  • Full Payment of Estimate 
  • Client Purchase Order 
  • Completed Credit Card Authorization form, if applicable 
  • Label Confirmation Sheet 
  • Packing List 
  • Signature Page 

Please note our labeling specifications:

  • 3-inch core 
  • maximum 9-inch roll 
  • position 4 - left off first outward-facing 
  • min ⅛ inch gap between labels 
  • web breaks must be tagged 

A few notes regarding incoming and outgoing shipments, and pick-ups: 

  • OFI now requires that our clients make a Shipping Appointment Request for all incoming and outgoing shipments at least two days in advance. 
  • Simply go to:
  • Our dock closes every day at 4:30. If your delivery or pick-up occurs after this time, there will be an additional charge of $60 for every 1/2 hour past 4:30. 
  • In addition, there will be a charge of $15 for each pallet. 
  • Please indicate your OFI invoice number on all shipping documents. 
  • All freight shipments require a Bill of Lading, in advance, using your company name as consignee.
  • (example: ABC Cold Brewing Company c/o Organic Food Incubator) 
  • COD shipments and packages will be refused. 
  • UPS and FedEx shipments require a tracking number

All communication regarding production, post-production, and shipping/receiving/pick-up must be made via email to Verbal communications will not be honored.