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What Makes Us Unique?

We Are a Food & Beverage Manufacturer That We Will Work To Fit Your Production Needs. Whether You Need A Small Or Large Batch Of Your Product We’ll Made It The Way You Dreamed It. 

Food Manufacturing

We help companies create some of the most delicious foods that's located in several different super markets and stores around the U.S.

Beverage Manufacturing

If you can dream it we can bottle it! Together we can make some of the best refreshing and exquisite beverages that will sell out in the markets today!

Business Growth

We assist companies and startups to develop, launch, produce, and optimize their strategies and product development for long term business growth.

About us

Organic Food Incubator

Organic Food Incubator™ (O.F.I.) is a food & beverage manufacturer that offers unique manufacturing solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs.  The facility is available to rent for organic and conventional food and drink companies who are in need of access to a commercially licensed, certified organic and kosher certified kitchen to help grow their business. The O.F.I. offers consulting and product development to help new entrepreneurs grow and expand their concepts…READ MORE

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 We have the facility, equipment, resources, and fully trained culinary teams that will create your products with efficiency.  

Scheduled Process

Scheduled Process

One of the very first steps to getting your product on store shelves is getting your your Schedule Scheduled Process done for your products. Let us help you expedite this procedure and get your product started for bulk productions. 

Product Development

Do you have a product that’s not yet ready for mass production yet? We can help you with formulations, production methods, budgeting, and costing, alternative packing or bottle types, out sourcing lab testing, organic certification, kosher certification, etc. 

Food & Beverage Manufacturer

Get the extra assistance you need when your trying to manufacture products. Get more of your products produced by our food & beverage manufacturing

Coaching & Training

Learn the ins and outs of the food & beverage industry with 12 years of experience coaching startups and businesses.

Kitchen Workspace & Storage

Do you need a place to make your products? Contact us about our fully equipped kitchen work space so can get started creating your product.

Product Certifications

Need help getting your Organic Certification or your Kosher Certification? We'll provide you with all the information you need to get your certifications as fast as possible.


Getting your products packaged and delievered doesn't have have to be complicated. Let us help you with the burden of co-packing your products.

First Production Run

Get step by step instructions and assistance on how to launch your very first product production run successfully.

Food Prep Team

Our cooking team are fully equipment and experience with prep various foods. Ask for them your if your products needs a specific treatment or special tasks to be done for.

Business Growth Consultation

Get your business on the right track so that your growing, creating new products, marketing, and of course making return profits off of your hard work.


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