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Organic Food Incubator™ (O.F.I.) is a food manufacturer that offers unique manufacturing solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs.  The facility is available to rent for organic and conventional food companies who are in need of access to a commercially licensed, certified organic kitchen to help grow their business. The O.F.I. offers food consulting and product development to help new entrepreneurs grow and expand their concepts…READ MORE

Food Business Consultation Services

Whether you are a startup food business or a restaurant owner looking for answers on developing your food products, we at OFI would love to help you on your journey. Our completely remote consultation services discuss all the necessary information you need to strive in the food industry. 

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Kitchen Maintenance

Why Testing Your Product Is Important

Our Services

Food & Beverage Manufacturer

Get the extra assistance you need when manufacturing products. Get more of your products produced by our food & beverage manufacturing team.

Coaching & Training

Learn the ins and outs of the food and beverage industry from experts with years of experience coaching entrepreneurs and startups.

Kitchen Workspace & Storage

Do you need a place and the equipment to make your products? Contact us about our commercial kitchen facility and storage, so you can get started creating your product.

Product Certifications

Need help getting your Organic Certification or your Kosher Certification? We'll provide you with all the information and assistance you need to get your certifications as fast as possible.


Getting your products packaged and delivered doesn't have to be complicated. Let us help you with the burden of co-packing your products!

First Production Run

Get step-by-step instructions and assistance on how to launch your very first product and run production run successfully.

Food Prep Team

Our culinary team is fully equipped and has experience with a large variety of preparations. Our team can offer advice regarding your preparation and choice of ingredients.

Business Growth Consultation

Our team can get you on the right track so that your business can grow, creating new products, marketing, and making a return on your hard work.

Food Co-Manufacturing

What makes us unique? We are a Food Manufacturer in NJ that will work with you to meet your production needs. Whether you need a small or large batch of product, we will make it the way you dreamed it.   We have the facility, equipment, resources, and fully trained culinary teams that will create your products with efficiency. 

A Scheduled Process

The first step for products like sauces, drinks, and jams is to get a scheduled process for your product. The planned process ensures that your product can safely remain on a shelf without refrigeration. Let us help expedite this process and get your product to an industrial production scale.

Scheduled Process

Product Development

Do you have a product that's not yet ready for mass production? We can help you with formulations, production methods, budgeting and costing, alternative packing or bottle types, outsourcing lab testing, organic certification, etc. 

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